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Lip balm

100% natural



A must to maintain the hydration of the lips and to quickly treat the dry and cracked lips


Blizzard Baume products have a natural, plant-based base that helps maintain a protective skin barrier against cold, wind and other irritants while providing optimal hydration.


With its shea butter ingredients, Baume Blizzard, intensive lip care, offers 50% protection against the adverse effects of cold, wind and pollution while maintaining maximum hydration. In addition, 15% of natural ingredients will be used to treat and repair dry and chapped lips. 


Preservatives with natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties have been retained. Baume Blizzard  use only pure essential oils.


All our Blizzard Balm products are free of water, perfume, alcohol, palm oil or petroleum derivatives. Not tested on animals.

Shea butterShea butter


Coconut oilCoconut oil

Mint essential oilMint essential oil